AeroPress Brew Guide

  1. Heat the water bringing it to the boil, then leave it to cool unit it's around 80 to 90.
  2. Place a paper filter inside the detachable plastic cap then pour a little water over the filter. This helps the filter to adhere to the cap.
  3. Screw the filter cap onto the chamber & place over a cup. For an espresso cup, use the smaller end of the funnel sits on top of the cup & the AeroPress sits on top of the larger end to create a stable platform.
  1. Measure out two full scoopfuls of coffee beans using the AeroPress scoop (four tablespoons) then grind the beans until fine. If you’re using pre-ground coffee, aim for 1 heaped AeroPress scoop (one & a quarter tablespoons).
  2. Add the ground coffee to the AeroPress, then add in the warm water until it reaches the top line on the AeroPress. However, as you use the AeroPress, you can experiment with adding in different amounts of water to see which you prefer.
  1. Stir the water and coffee using the paddle stirrer for about 5-10 seconds.
  2. The plunger should then be inserted and firmly pressed down on for about 20 seconds, until a hissing noise can be heard. This means that there is no water left in the device to be pushed through.
  3. Taste the coffee that has been pressed. The AeroPress produces a fairly concentrated cup of coffee, so you may wish to add a little more hot water if desired.