Coffee Style Book

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Beautifully illustrated, this book captures the lifestyle of coffee creators and aficionados, as seen through the lens of acclaimed photographer Horst A. Friedrichs. For some, coffee is a means of getting through the morning. For others, it is a way of life. Fascinated by artisanal coffee culture, Friedrichs turns his lens toward every aspect of coffee.

Stepping inside the world’s best coffee shops, Friedrichs shows just how sophisticated the practice of making coffee has become. Delicious shots of classic drip cones and decades-old Chemex coffee makers are interspersed with images of beakers filled with dark liquid simmering over a flame and brewers extracting the perfect concentrate to be poured over ice. He also captures coffee’s fashion aesthetic from witty and vintage t-shirts to upscale extracts and felt filters.

• Hardback Book
• 208 pages
• ISBN: 9783791383217
• 210 x 280 mm (width x height)